My quest to become one with my camera.

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Just in case you’ve ever wondered……….

……what the bottom of an elephant’s foot looks like.  It’s not often you get to photograph thing’s like this so I’ll file it under randoms.  Not sure how I could have improved this photo but I like it anyway just because.

Jake On Duty

Jake is Max’s brother. He might be small but he has no fear! Jake’s full name is Jake Burns and is named after my first big crush…….the lead singer of Stiff Little Fingers. Jake’s my little punk rocker.

One of the inspirations for A Fuzzy Dog Life

Through the eyes of Max.

Aperture what nots

I impressed myself with this one lol

Aperture skills and what nots

One of my attempts at playing with aperture. Its a bit blurry I think and Im assuming that’s due to not using a tripod as it couldnt possibly be me  🙂

Day One….Oh boy

 These two beauties are the inspiration for A Fuzzy Dog Life.  This is my first attempt at blogging and you will probably be seeing a lot of Max and Jake in my future posts.